Why  Hire a
Congratulations!  You are thinking why hire a marketing consultant?  You
understand that keeping your business in front of your prospective clients and
current customers is a key to success!  May-be you've done some of the
marketing yourself  in between your many other responsibilities.  Perhaps you
have had other office personnel dabble in the marketing, but are just not seeing
the results.  You now know you need a get-it-done professional.  What are your
options?  You could hire a marketing employee or hire a marketing consultant.  
Here are a few thoughts about your choices:

Hiring a Marketing Employee:

  • Expensive, Long Term Commitment – salary, taxes and benefits really add
    up for the quality resource you need to manage your marketing efforts.  Even
    if your employee is part-time, you'll have a significant expense each month.

  • Needs Office Resources – your new employee will need office space, a
    computer, printer, phone and other resources to do their job.

  • Needs Ongoing Workload – you will need to manage this person and fill
    their plate with on-going work - taking up more of your time.

  • Additional Marketing Expenses – beyond the cost of the individual, you still
    need to fund your marketing budget and activities.  Think of the amount you
    would have to spend for a strong marketing resource, and then add your
    marketing expenditures on top.   The costs can really add up.

Hiring a Marketing Consultant:

  • Less Expensive Resources –  works by the hour or project, so they are paid  
    for the work that needs to be done now or as needed throughout the year.  A
    good consultant will still be  focused on the success of your company.

  • More Experienced – has worked with an array of companies and industries,
    and brings that depth of variety and acumen to your business.

  • On the Cutting Edge – stays informed on the latest marketing trends and
    makes clear recommendations on the best initiatives for your investment.

  • Independent Focus – consultants don’t need to sit in your office.  They are
    used to working remotely and communicating effectively with their clients.

  • Marketing Budget Friendly -  Marketing consultants leave more money to
    fund your overall marketing initiatives.

Consultants typically charge more per hour than you might pay an on-going
employee, but they provide professional expertise for a part-time investment.  
Further, marketing consultants also offer value by being well-connected
throughout the community with resources needed to accomplish deliverables
quickly and economically.  When you consider all of the benefits,  the overall
annual cost will be significantly less than hiring an employee.  

The right marketing consultant will take a partnership approach – respecting
your business, your budget and your opinions.  The marketing consultant’s job is
to bring you fresh ideas, an objective opinion, manage the details for you, get
your initiatives accomplished… and make it all look easy!

"Hiring a marketing
consultant can be a
better value -  
offering access to a
true marketing
professional with less
stress on your  
payroll, your
marketing budget,
and your time."
Why Hire a Marketing Consultant?
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