MHK offers a variety of services to help you get your marketing efforts
in the right direction.
Every client is unique and many projects need
more detail to quote a price, but below are a few options.
you need just a little help or a dedicated on-going resource, MHK
Marketing Group can help you move forward.

Now is the time to create your 2016 marketing calendar,
budget and tactics. Let's work together to determine what you
need for the success of your business!

Initial Consultation/Phone Conversation:   No charge

Hourly Rate for Marketing Services:     $85

Your Marketing Manager Package:   
10-12 hours per month
Flat monthly rate of $750

Tired of not having enough time to work on your marketing efforts?
Frustrated because you know you need to get a marketing plan in
place? Wishing you had a professional on your team who can pull the
pieces together and provide on-going consistency?

Let my 15+ years of experience work for you!  With an on-going
relationship, we’ll work together to tackle whatever needs to be done
to make you more visible, more credible and more connected with
your clients and prospects.  Many of the a la carte services below
(and those in the
Services section) could be covered in your monthly
block of hours. We’ll create a clear strategy, marketing calendar,
budget, and execute the specific marketing activities and tactics
critical to the success of your business.

A La Carte Marketing and Design Services:

Marketing Map for Your Business:
Get Your Marketing Efforts in the Right Direction
Looking for new ways to reach your target market and get more
business from your existing clients?  Let’s review your current
strategy, get into detail about your objectives, and create a clear
marketing path customized for your business!  The Marketing Map
experience includes an initial consultation, a detailed phone session
or in-person meeting to discuss your business (I'll be asking you lots
of questions), and results in a customized “Marketing Map” write-up
with a recommended plan of marketing actions to grow your business.

Graphic Design - Print & Digital:
Looking to create an effective logo, print advertisement, post card, or
brochure? Wishing you had clever and creative properly-sized digital
images for use on the Internet and social media sites?  Let MHK
Marketing create professional and effective designs that provide the
right image and the right messaging to your clients and prospects.

E-Newsletters and E-Communications:
Did you know that building customer relationships based on loyalty
and trust is a key component to the success of your business?  There
are alternatives to expensive direct mail and advertising that allows
you to quickly and effectively reach your past clients, current
customers and prospects. E-Newsletters and E-Communications offer
an effective way to increase sales by offering value and information to
your clients and prospects.  I will help you establish a customized E-
template, provide input on what you should include in your
communications, and train you how to use your services. Or if you
prefer I can manage, write and coordinate all of the aspects of your
on-going e-communications.

Establish account, design & set up template, user training

On-going writing and coordination of e-communications
$195 per e-mail

On-going simple client e-notifications
$25 per e-mail

Click here to see email newsletter client samples

Public Relations and Press Releases:
Keeping your public and professional community aware of your
business efforts is an important part of your marketing work. Whether
you have a new product or service, have made a difference in your
community, have something to be proud of or offer a unique
perspective, developing "newsworthy" info to share with the media is a
great way to get the word out about your business.  We’ll target the
right media outlets for your business and use social media and
networking to maximize your PR efforts!

Press Release - writing only (client distributes release)

Press Release - writing and
local & web distribution

Press Release - writing and
national distribution
Please call to discuss

Social Media and Blogging:
Social media, also known as social networking, Web 2.0, viral
marketing, and Internet marketing is the hottest marketing trend
today! These interchangeable terms are used to describe the Internet-
based tools that allow you to easily communicate with clients and even
more potential customers. Further, search engines like Google and
Bing are giving credit to those who have a deep presence throughout
the Internet and provide fresh, up-to-date content.

Every business is unique so we'll review the various social media
platforms and examine which are relevant to your clients and
prospective customers. I will help you establish your presence and
train you on how to use these tools on an on-going basis.
Some of the platforms we will review are:

Google +
Yahoo Local
Review and Referral Sites

Speaking on Social Media

Website & Custom E-Mail:
Have you been putting off creating a useful website for your
business? Customers reference the Internet first to learn more about
the products and services you offer and what your company is all
about.  A Website is a must for  24/7 access to your business!

Why work with a marketing consultant versus a web designer on your
website?  Because I don’t think in flash and html code - I think like
your customers and prospects!  Our goal is to create a website that is
focused on reaching your target market and including the right
information (such as tags, keywords and links) to get you noticed
within search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Further, unlike traditional web designers once your website has been
launched, I can teach you to manage the on-going maintenance of
your site. Many client prefer this option so that they can make
changes to their site when it’s convenient and at no cost to them.  

Wordpress Website (no e-commerce)

Ongoing website changes and updates

Already Have a Website or Web Designer?
If you already have a website or web designer that's just fine! I can
work with your current web partner to ensure your content is relevant
and valuable for your audience and make sure we take advantage of
the latest web savvy tools! We'll work to ensure your website is up-to-
date and useful to your clients and prospects. Long gone are the
days of a "set it and forget it" static website. Let's work together to  
help keep your website active, interesting and search engine friendly!

Click here to see client website samples

Speaking Engagements
Let’s Get Your Group Fired Up for Some Business Growth
Looking for an energetic speaker to help the members in your group
or organization grow their respective businesses?   I am available to
inspire and provide a “learn it, use it, and see it work” education on  
how to kick up your marketing efforts!  

Potential Topics Include:

Creating Your Marketing Map!
Finding the right mix of marketing tactics for your business

Spread the Word!
Using Social Media to Grow Your Business
(Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.)

Sticking Power!
Using E-Communications to Retain and Attract Customers

Creative Customer Management!  
Keys to Referrals and Repeat Business

Visit my training and speaker page to learn more

Mom Grow Your Business Workshops:
As one third of the powerful Mom GYB trio, my partners and I provide
intensive hands-on workshops that hit very specific topics such as
using Twitter, e-newsletter, and website SEO.  These intensive yet
entertaining workshop have our audiences knowing not just the what,
but the HOW of using these tools to grow their business.  Your group
will walk out knowing exactly what to do and how to do it!

Please call me at 248-336-8886 to discuss the contributions we can
make to your group

Don't See What You're Looking for Listed Here?

Marketing services and tactics can be difficult to quote until we
discuss the specifics of your project and overall goals. Feel free to
visit my
services page to get a few more ideas of what I and my
partners can do for you. Let's discuss your needs and how we can
add value to your marketing efforts at 248-336-8886 or

"My goal is to help
you create a plan
and execute the
specific marketing
tactics that are  
feasible for your
budget and time
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